General conditions

The following general terms and conditions form the basis for every TP&H transport order. The conditions are subject to possible changes and/or supplementation.
1. Transported goods
TP&H accepts in principle all types of goods, with the exception of funds, personal effects (unless
otherwise agreed), tobacco, alcohol (unless otherwise agreed), jewellery, vehicles, precious metals,
art and cultural objects, removal goods, excise goods, values, live animals, waste and hazardous
goods of Classes 1, 2 (unless LQ), 6.2 and 7 (ADR).
 2. Rate calculation for bulky goods
The transportation of bulky goods is charged for based on the following data:
1 m3 = 333 kg and 1 loading meter = 1750 kg.
3. Packaging/markings
All goods to be transported must be in transport-worthy packaging.
Each package of a consignment must be clearly marked with the necessary identification markings,
such as, for example, addresses, numbers, symbols; old markings must be removed or made illegible.
The principal is responsible for damages arising from inadequate packaging.
The exchange of packaging (euro pallets, mesh pallet cages, etc.) only takes place after express
written order and for the account of the principal.
On exchange, a supplement will be charged.
 4. Claim for damage
All damage must be immediately notified in writing to TP&H.
TP&H is only able to deal with a claim for damage if the following conditions have been met:
· Visible damage must be recorded on the delivery note no later than at the time of the
· Concealed damage must be reported within 7 days after delivery (Sundays and holidays not
included) by recorded delivery letter to TP&H.
General remarks such as “not checked” or “with reservations” are not acceptable as conditional
If the recipient fails to adhere to these rules, any damage will be deemed to have occurred after
5. Documents
For a correct execution of your orders, we must have the following documents at our disposal:
· Written transportation order
· Necessary export and/or other accompanying documents.
· Information about the consignment: addresses, numbers, number of packages, nature and
content of the packages, and all other necessary details.
TP&H disclaims any responsibility for delays or damage arising from incorrect or incomplete
completion of these documents. TP&H requires a surcharge for the preparation of any special
 6. Rates and conditions of payment
The published rates are valid for each individual order and only if freight is paid for in Belgium.
These rates are exclusive of VAT, import duties, excise tax and other government levies, which are
paid by us on your behalf and for which an advance commission is charged.
Our invoices fall due for payment immediately and in full within 30 days after invoice date, unless
otherwise agreed.
7. Liability for costs
Invoicing is done according to the instructions of the principal and based on the terms and conditions
of delivery.
The principal remains liable for all costs, if the sender or recipient remains in default.
8. Transport insurance / cargo insurance
Additional transport and cargo insurance can be obtained on request, according to the insurance risk.
9. Special orders
The prices quoted in our rates are only for normal orders.
For special orders such as:
· Collections/deliveries outside of normal business hours
· Collections/deliveries to/from exhibitions and fairs, ports, ships, pedestrian areas, shopping
centres, mountain stations or private addresses
you should consult TP&H beforehand.
10. Inspections
Costs arising from inspections carried out by the government (such as customs administration) are
charged in accordance with expenditure.
11. Transit times
The transit times specified in the schedules are for guidance only and are not guaranteed.
12. Conditions of carriage and limitation of liability
The transport contract is subject to CMR conditions (Convention on the Contract for International
Carriage of Goods by Road) except in those cases where legal regulations stipulate otherwise. Articles
24 and 26 of the CMR conditions are not applicable.
In particular, in cases mentioned in Articles 8 and 9 of these conditions (COD/DAP), if TP&H remains
in default, Articles 11 and 21 of the CMR apply.
Legal jurisdiction and courts according to Articles 31 and 33 of the CMR conditions.
13. Additional costs (unless otherwise agreed)
· Hazardous goods surcharge: 10% of the basic rate with a minimum of € 75,-
· Road train: rate + 15%
· Delivery on appointment:
1. Delivery window (before – or afternoon): + € 50,-
2. Fixed-time delivery (on agreement): + € 100,-
· Tail lift: + € 75,-
· Rates are excl. custom formalities (import/export), if applicable
· Rates are excl. the use of a security parking. Possibility and extra costs for the use of a
security parking on request.
· Advance commission: 3% (in connection with monies advanced for inter alia VAT, taxes)